Ready to uplevel your acting career?

Bet your answer is a full body YES!

And if you're anything like me, you're committed to making your career as an actor work for you, not the other way around.

YOU ARE ALSO talented and have taken classes before. Maybe you even have a few credits under your belt, BUT:

  • you still feel like maybe you're missing something
  • you wish you had an extra edge of an advantage in an audition room
  • you feel you're not in control of your career
  • you want more support navigating this roller coaster of an industry
  • you're unsure of the next step to take
  • you're feeling unmotivated, perhaps you've lost your passion
  • you know there's a lot about the industry that wasn't taught or were often glazed over superficially in class
  • you know auditioning is a separate skill and booking roles isn't only about being a good actor
  • and you know you deserve a better life!

How do I know you're going through all that? Because I was you! For real. No one in my family is in this biz and I didn't start acting until I was 25 and had worked in every possible job I thought I was qualified and conditioned to do.

But I was able to transition into being a full-time artist, and SO CAN YOU!

What on earth am I talking about? Watch this:

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time you're wasting by letting opportunities slip by?

For example, let's say it takes 30 auditions for you to finally book something. And let's also say it takes you 1 hour of prep for that audition, between doing your research, working on your lines, deciding what you're going to wear, printing out your resume, etc. Then it takes you another half an hour to commute back and forth, so 1 whole hour in total just for transportation. And finally, let's say that miraculously, casting is not running behind and you get in and out of there in just 30 minutes. That's 2.5 hours per audition, or a total of 75 hours(!) that you're pouring into your career that you won't see any returns from.

But of course, that was the very bare minimum calculation. Even if we round that number to 3 hours per audition, that means 90 hours of blood, sweat, and tears (depending on what you're auditioning for) that you have put into your career to finally book that ONE gig that might pay you anywhere between $500-$5000 (unless you book a national, in which case, that number skyrockets and wow, you're rich. You'll also be paying so much in taxes, so for crying out loud don't spend it all!!). That's not a lot of financial return on all that time your put in. And how many auditions do you even get? 1 per week? Less?! So your booking rate is 1 project a year?!? Ouch.

What if I told you: there are things in your career you can control and that you can absolutely work on increasing your booking rates. Would you believe me? Good. Because there is. And I personally know that it's possible to get down to a 1/10 to 1/15 booking rates. Meaning, I can help you cut down your actual hours of work by 50%! Now, I'll ask you again: would you like to start booking more projects in half the amount of blood, sweat, and tears? I bet you're having another full body YES.

My goal as your Acting Coach is to guide you through your career by teaching you all about the things I wish I had been taught while in theatre school but wasn't. The subjects of my courses and the knowledge I'm sharing with you took me 7 years to learn and assimilate into straightforward lessons and tips that you can implement immediately. No more waiting. No more guessing. 

No more leaving it up to the Acting Gods.

As your coach, I'm here to support you through your acting journey and help you achieve your goals.

Wait, who are you again?

jessie wears a bright red shirt and has a big, optimistic and confident smile

Hi, I’m Jessie 梁巧潔! (she/her)

I'm a Brazilian-Taiwanese actor, playwright, and acting coach based on the unceded and traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh nations, colonially known as Vancouver, Canada. I'm a graduate of the prestigious Acting Program at Studio 58, have an HBA in Management from the University of Toronto, and obtained a Diploma in Entertainment Business Management from Vancouver Film School.

I can be spotted in television series like Supergirl, CharmedAre You Afraid of the Dark?, Away, and Maid; or movies like Cross Country Christmas and Framed By My Husband. On stage, I reprised my role as Janet in Kim's Convenience for The Arts Club 2020 tour. Other select theatre credits include: Mortified, The Skin of Our Teeth, Wilderness (Studio 58); Evolutionary Tango (SHIFT Festival); Proof (Peninsula Productions); and The Replacement Wife (Off The Page).

I created the courses you see here on Acting Expanded because I'm equally passionate about acting as I am about helping my peers, meaning, YOU, excel in your own careers.

I was once just like you. I was frustrated about the hit or miss aspect of this industry and felt like my career was out of my hands. All I could do was "try and do better next time." But if you're a Scorpio, (Aries rising + Capricorn moon) like me, there is no such thing as sitting, waiting, and wishing. I'm the kind of person that makes my career work for me, and not the other way around. And I want to help you feel this way too.

Check out my first online course and its free mini-version below. If you're looking for a 1-on-1 coaching session with me, go here. I can help you with rehearsals, auditions, dramaturgy, and setting your career goals.

Feel free to find me on instagram and facebook, or email at me [email protected]

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How can I book a private coaching session with you?

Click this link to schedule one now:

Is Acting Expanded on social media?

Yes! Here's our instagram account and facebook page.

What about Jessie? Is she on social media? What's her imdb?

Sure am. Here's my insta, official facebook page, Tiktok, and imdb.

When are the courses going to be launched?

Great question! I know I said soon, but if you're wondering, you're probably itching for it, which I know is unfair so let's say in a couple of weeks. The best way to know exactly when is to sign up for my mailing list or connect with our socials instagram and facebook.

When do courses start and end?

They start now (or when you purchase) and never end! This is a self-paced online course so you decide when to start and when to finish.

How long do I have access to these courses for?

Forever and ever, amen! You'll always have access to these courses, the content, and all materials in them if you want to save them, refer to them, or check back whenever you need. You'll also be able to access any additions or enhancements I make because these courses will be improving as we get more and more feedback from you, our students.

How much time does it take?

How much time you got? These courses are self-paced and yours forever once you purchase them. My recommendation is to reserve at least 1 hour a week dedicated to your craft. Though, if you're a nerd like me, aim for 30 mins a day. Because if it's important to me and I want to get better, I make time in my day for it. So it's very typical for me to have daily practices, related to my acting career and other personal interests of mine. No one's perfect, of course, and self-care is important so you do what you need to do, boo.

What do I need to take this course?

Internet connection, your device of choice (ie: laptop, smartphone, tablet), something to write on and something to write with, and maybe headphones if you don't want the rest of the world to hear my voice blasting through your screen.

What makes you qualified to be an acting coach?

Did you not watch my intro video? Or read my bio?? You want a TL/DR??!? ...Okay, fine. I'm an actor with experience in film/tv, theatre, commercial, and voice industries. I graduated from Studio 58, a professional theatre training program, after also getting degrees in Management and Production. So I've been behind the scenes too and have over a year of teaching experience (while in Brazil). Lastly, aside from being told I have a great sensibility for our craft, I'm also a fan of using scientifically proven learning exercises to build courses around subjects barely touched on in acting classes.

Is there a payment plan for these courses?

Yep! The payment options will show up at the bottom of each course and you can choose the one that works best for you. You can either pay the price in full or choose a payment plan. I will add Subscription services once more courses are launched! I also understand how hard it can be to commit a chunk of change to something, especially if you're still a student and have student loans weighing on your shoulders. I want to make this possible for you, so if you're struggling, shoot me an email at [email protected] to explain your situation and we'll work something out.

Who are these courses for?

Any actor, beginner or not, looking to improve their skills, do better in their auditions, and/or get more support and guidance regarding their career.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, we're offering a 7-day money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied for any reason with your purchase, you'll get a full refund within 7 days of your purchase.

What about a refund after the first 7 days?

I want you to be happy with the way you spent your money, but I also need your full commitment to learn, process, and apply the lessons and techniques from these courses. Therefore, we may grant you a partial refund of 50% of the amount charged if you submit your request to [email protected] within 1 month of your purchase and include proof that you did the work and explain why it didn't work for you. We don't offer refunds for any other reason. If you selected a payment plan option for your purchase, we cannot stop payments without a proper refund request. Refund requests must be submitted within 30 days of your purchase by the 30th day at 11:59pm PST.

Have any other questions, comments or inquiries but didn't find them answered here?

Just email [email protected]. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. This is a one-woman operation so I can only do so much in a day but I thank you for your patience.

How can I sign up for your mailing list?

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