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You know, I saw a terrifying statistic the other day that only 2% of actors actually have a sustainable career.

Wait! Come back! Breathe!! Unlock your jaw. Release your shoulders.

Before you feel doomed and full of regret, remember that that stat is exactly why we're here! We're here because we want to be in that 2%, or at least closer to it. The truth is that most people put in the work into their headshots, resumes, demo reels, and getting their agents (Steps 1-4), but then decrease their efforts significantly in trying to get more auditions, networking, and having the right mindset for this business (Steps 5, 6, and 7). Notice I'm not talking about auditioning, which is a separate skill (and course) in itself, but equally important in doing well in your career.

This course is all about teaching you how to put your best foot forward when you're starting out, as well as set you up with the tools and habits that'll set you apart from other green actors out there. It's important to start now because I don't want you to find yourself 1 or maybe 3 years down the line from now wondering why you're still stuck being labeled as "amateur". Time is our most precious and finite resource, and I want to give you 7 years of my knowledge of the entertainment industry condensed into just 7 actionable steps that'll start you on your way towards a healthy and sustainable career.

Ultimately, I want to give you your power back and help you feel in control of your career. Something I hear a lot of my peers complain about. But that's not your destiny, is it?

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